6 Reasons Sellers Need A Real Estate Agent

Homeowners beginning the process of listing and selling their home sometimes decide to skip hiring a real estate agent in order to save a bit of money on the commission agents earn. Unfortunately, this is almost always a mistake that costs sellers more in the long run, in the form of added stress, more time spent on the market, and possible financial and legal risk. Here are six reasons it's always a good idea to work with an experienced real estate agent when selling your home:  Read More 

Gaining Additional Tax Deductions By Owning Two Personal Residences

Many homeowners automatically assume that they should sell their current residence if a different residence is purchased. However, the tax benefits of home ownership are not limited to just one house. Some current homeowners may prefer to keep their current residence when buying a second house and claim the available tax deductions for both properties. The federal tax code allows deductions for two homes, as long as the combined mortgage amount is not more than $1 million. Read More 

Tips For Getting A Discount On Your Rent

Owning a home is extremely expensive, and it also may be out of the question if you have bad credit. Renting an apartment can be expensive as well, but it is often a good alternative if you cannot purchase a home. If you find that apartments in your area are a bit out of your price range, then you can negotiate the price. Keep reading to learn some tips to help you do this. Read More 

Ready To Buy Your First Home? Three Things You Should Never Do In A Sellers Market

If you're trying to buy a home while the market is hot, you run the risk of getting burned, especially if you don't know what you're doing. While it's true that you've got to strike while the iron is hot if you want the right house, it's also true that sometimes you need to proceed with caution. That can be particularly true in a hot market. Here are three things you should never do when buying a home in a seller's market. Read More 

Two Options To Consider When Looking For A Larger Home On A Budget

One of the hardest parts about buying a new house is finding a larger home to accommodate you and your family on a smaller budget. However, there are a few things that you can do that will make it a bit easier to find a large home on a limited budget, such as the two options listed below. Consider A Townhouse One option that you can consider when looking for a larger home on a tight budget is a townhouse. Read More