Cat Peed on the Upholstery? DIY Tips to Get the Stain Out

Cat pee on upholstery can be a big problem. Unless the upholstery is cleaned very well, the cat urine stain can smell very bad. In addition, cats have a way of peeing in the same place multiple times. Removing the stain entirely may discourage your cat from repeating the offense, but stain removal of this nature can be a challenge. The following tips will help you remove cat urine from your home's sofa, love seat, or upholstered arm chair. Read More 

How First-Time Home-Buyership Programs Help You Qualify For A Mortgage

The real estate lending market has been challenging over the past few years, but that doesn't mean first- time home-buyers can't qualify for a mortgage on a new home. The major hurdle first-time home-buyers have is getting approved by the lending officer. Here is how participating in a home-buyership program can help you get approved by a lending officer for a commercial bank. Maintaining the Property First-time homeowner programs are aimed at people who rent who may, or may not, have a background in living in a home that was owned by an immediate family member like your mom, dad, or both. Read More 

Three Lesser-Known Perks Of Becoming A Landlord

Most people purchase rental property and become landlords as a way of making some extra money. However, there are other perks to becoming a landlord that are not mentioned as often as financial gains. As you're deciding whether or not purchasing rental property is the right choice for you, be sure to keep these lesser-known perks of being a landlord in mind: You get to meet some great people. Many landlords (the good ones, anyways) form friendships with their tenants. Read More