Can You Skip The Realtor?

With almost any type of information available now on the internet, it's tempting for people to think that they don't really need to hire someone to sell their home. After all, who knows your home and neighborhood better than you? If you think that going it alone will help get your home sold quickly and at a price you want, you may want to read the below thoughts on why you should not skip the Realtor.

There is an art to setting the price

You may not be considering the importance of pricing beyond what you think you want to be paid, but there is a lot more to price setting than that. A real estate agent will perform some calculations based on "comps," or comparable family homes in your area, to arrive at the correct price. Getting this right is vital, since an overpriced home will sit on the market and the listing will get stale. On the other hand, if you misjudge and price your home too low, you are just throwing money away.

Realtors understand what updates are worth it

You have undoubtedly seen those glossy makeovers on "nesting" channels like HGTV, and you might believe that you understand what is trending right now, but you might be wrong. Real estate agents make it their business to understand the difference between what makes good television and what buyers are really looking for.

Before you contact a contractor to start tearing down walls to form the popular open concept look, you might want to talk to someone who knows what updates your home needs and where you can save your money. Some current trends in remodeling, at least according to television shows, include barn doors, feature walls, high-tech showers and more. Not everyone wants those things, but a professional who shows homes every day will know which trends to ditch and which ones to use to update your home.

Agents can help with staging

You may have heard about the concept of having a professional come in and arrange your belongings in a manner that makes the most of your home's best features. While this can be very effective in showcasing your home, you might be surprised at the fountain of knowledge a real estate agent has about staging. For example, your agent might take a look at your home and suggest decluttering, moving some furniture around and some new window treatments.

Speak to a real estate agent and find out about why the commission you may pay when your home sells is well worth it.