Why Fire Suppression Systems Are Vital In Your Real Estate Office

Fire suppression system services are vital for the installation of fire suppression systems. Furthermore, your real estate business needs a fire suppression system. You may think it does not; after all, it is just desks, chairs and a building, right? Actually, there is a lot more in your office that is far more important than desks and equipment. Here is why you definitely need a fire suppression system in your real estate office.

Copies of Real Estate Contracts

From the sales you have made in the past to the sales you made yesterday, this is your life and livelihood. You cannot expect to make money if your contracts literally go up in smoke! Everything on your desk will be incinerated in a fire, and everything not filed is done for. Putting it in a fireproof filing cabinet does not help either, since those cabinets will only withstand the heat and flames for a few minutes. (Read the fine print on the filing cabinet box, if you want proof of that.)

If you are concerned about everything getting wet, you can use a chemical fire suppression system. This system uses a foam to suffocate flames and put the fire out. What is left is easily cleaned up without damaging important documents.

Deeds and Ownership Papers

Contracts are not the only things at risk. If your real estate business owns and rents properties on the side, you lose all of the ownership papers and deeds to these properties. Anyone could then contest ownership of said properties, and you would have to find other ways to prove otherwise. It is smarter to place these documents in a safe deposit box, but if you have not made time to do so, they will go up in flames. Even if you scan them into your computer, they are not protected because your computer is in the fire as well.


The most expensive part of any business are the electronics. You can operate from anywhere so long as you have a laptop, desktop, and a printer, but if those are melted and destroyed in a fire, you are out of luck. Dozens of electronic files and access to millions of properties are gone in minutes. Putting a fire out as soon as possible may help you rescue the electronics, especially if you invest in the foam chemical suppression system. Water can work as well, but only if the electronics are not on or plugged in at the time the fire breaks out. 

Contact a service, like Universal Fire Equipment , for help.