A Few Things You Need To Check When Buying A Golf Course Home

If you love golf, or just the idea of having a golf course off your back yard, you may be thinking about buying your next home in a golf community. You have probably driven through a few and love the way they look; the landscaping is all well-manicured and the houses are all coordinated to look neat and clean. However, before you decide on a home, there are a few things you need to check out.


While it might seem like a great idea to live near the tee box or green, that is not always the case. These places have more traffic. People stand around on the tee box while waiting to play and spectators are there clapping and chatting. It is the same thing on the greens. Unless you don't mind listening to all this, you would be better off living on the fairway. You should also find out if there are areas where only golf carts are allowed so you do not have to listen to them driving by all day.

Course Maintenance

Be sure to ask about course maintenance. Since it is done daily, you need to get used to dealing with the noise from the lawn mowers and other equipment. Keep in mind that maintenance often happens very early in the morning, before the sun comes up at times. If your master bedroom faces the course you may have lights shining in the window as they take care of the course.

Homeowner's Association

The reason all the homes in the community look neat and well-kept is because they have to be that way. Most homeowner associations require that the lawns, yards, and houses be maintained to specific regulations. You will need to keep the outside of the house painted certain colors, the driveway clean and clear, and the yard landscaped and free of random toys and things.

Course Use

Just because there is all this open space just beyond your yard does not mean you can use it. Most golf courses will not allow you to use the fairways, tees, or greens to walk your dog, have a picnic, or play games with the family. If you need to have areas for this, make sure the community has public areas not on the course you can use.

Living on a golf course can be great, however, you need to know what you are getting into before you make the move. Take the time to visit the community, watching how residents live in their yards. Talk with a few people who live there and be sure to read over any rules and regulations. If everything still appeals to you, get ready to love the lifestyle you want.