4 Ways To Make Your Home Stand Out Above The Pack And Quickly Sell

If there is a lot of homes for sale in your area but you need to sell quickly because you already purchased your next home, then there are four things you can do to make your home stand out from the pack, including:

Replace All Builder-Grade Finishes in Your House

If you look around your house with the eyes of a potential buyer, you will inevitably see building materials that are clearly lower quality than others. For example, if your kitchen counters are laminate or the floor is sheet vinyl, then buyers will notice these low-end, builder-grade items and form objections to them. To prevent this, replace any builder-grade materials in your home with higher quality replacements. For example, spend a bit of money and buy stone counter tops or tile flooring. Not only will the upgrades make your home look better and sell more quickly, they will also show potential buyers that you care about your home and have kept up with routine maintenance.

Replace Your Kitchen Appliances with High-End Used Replacements

If you want to entice your buyers with a kitchen full of beautiful appliances that you will generously leave behind for them, then you should replace older or mismatched appliances with used replacements. Since they are staying with the home, choose the nicest used appliances you can find. Your buyers won't know or care if you bought the appliances new as long as they are clean and in great condition.

Proactively Have Your Property Professionally Inspected

When there are a lot of homes on the market, your house needs to stand out in any positive way that it can. One strategy is to have your home professionally inspected by a licensed home inspector. While buyers typically have homes inspected, by doing it proactively yourself, you can then provide your buyers with a copy of the recent inspection and show them all of the repairs you made in accordance with the inspector's recommendations.

Rent Stylish Furniture to Show Off the Space

Finally, before your real estate agent lists your home for sale, consider visiting your local furniture rental store and renting some updated furniture to stage your home. While you may love the overstuffed chair from your college days, your buyers won't be impressed. For a quick sale at a great price, take the time and make the effort to stage your house with some new modern furniture that is appropriate in color and size to the rooms in your home. While this may seem like a lot of work, it really isn't. The rental company will deliver and pick back up the furniture for you.