Two Problems You May Face When Selling Your Primary Residence

The complications you will face while selling a property depends on the type of property you are selling – commercial, townhouse, condo or primary residence, among others. For example, those who are selling their primary residences have to grapple with these two major issues:

Whether to Buy or Sell First

Most people, who have decided to sell their primary residences, have to answer this complex query: do you sell before getting another place or do you buy another house first? Both options have their pros; here is a couple of advantages of selling first:

  • You can use the money to buy another house
  • You don't have to service two mortgages

Unfortunately, selling first may leave you out in the cold when you don't have a place to stay until you can buy another property. The main advantage of buying first is that you get to know where you will leave before selling your home. However, it may be a difficult thing to do if you don't have adequate finances.

There is no universal answer to this question; it all depends on your exact circumstances. For example, buying first is an excellent option for those who have completely paid their mortgage loans or those who have another place they can use as their temporary residence.

What to Do With Your Personal Belongings

Having your personal items in your house during staging or property viewing can work to your disadvantage. In fact, one of the most repeated selling advice is to get rid of personal property such as toys, family pictures, and stuffed animals. This is because you want the buyers to imagine living in your house, and this will be difficult for them to do if your personal belongings are all over the house.

Putting your personals items away during staging isn't that difficult because staging is a one-time event. However, it is tedious if you have to clear such things out of your rooms every time a prospective buyer wants to view the house.  A common solution is to rent a temporary storage place outside the home and try to have your home sold as soon as possible (an experienced agent can help you with this).

The above problems provide one more reason for working with an experienced property agent such as ANN MOTZ REALTORS LLC to get your home sold. Such an agent has handled similar issues before and will go over your personal situation and advise you on the best way forward.