Tips For Sale-Worthy Home Photos

If you're getting ready to sell your house, one of the most important factors to consider in the listing is the photography. Remember that the photos in your home listing will be the very first thing that potential buyers will judge the property on. It's in your best interest to make them the best that they can possibly be. Here are a few tips to help you put the best impression out there.

Choose The Right Format

Before you start taking the photos for your listing, spend some time looking at the real estate listing sites. Look at the way the images are laid out. In most cases, you'll find that the listings first appear with a thumbnail image, then the main listing page showcases all of the pictures. For most slideshows and real estate sites, landscape-formatted images are best. That's because the pictures get compressed, and tall, narrow images like you get in portrait orientations won't reflect as well. To maximize the clarity and detail, shoot your images in the wider layout of a landscape orientation.

Focus On The Key Areas First

While you want to make sure to capture images of the entire property, there are a few key areas that should get more attention than others. First, keep in mind that the primary listing thumbnail for the real estate sites is typically the main exterior photo. The initial thumbnail will make the determination of whether or not people will even look at the listing. For that reason, it's important that you make that image the best you possibly can. Take your time setting up the shot, take multiple versions, and then be selective about which one you decide to use.

In addition, spend time spotlighting any real selling points that the house has. Your real estate agent will help you understand what features will be considered key selling points in your market and area. For example, a large backyard patio or elaborate bathroom may help to improve the chances of viewings.

Time Your Pictures Right

If you want to get the best photos, you need to choose the right time of day. Your exterior shots should be done either just around dawn or right before sunset. If you plan them for sunset, turn on all of the interior lights before you shoot. You'll get a nice warm glow from the house that makes it look very welcoming.

Talk with a real estate agent from a company like RE/MAX ASSOCIATES if you need more help selling your home.