Why You Should Remodel Your Home Before Listing It

Listing a home with a real estate agency is the best way to sell a house, but you should make sure you have completed all the necessary repairs and remodeling on your house before you put it up for sale. If you want to sell your house and want to make the best profit possible, make sure you complete all the remodeling tasks it needs before you list it. Here are several things to know about this.

Once listed, you can lower your price but not raise it

The first thing to understand is that remodeling projects can be very expensive and can increase the value of your home. A lot of the projects you may do to your home could increase its value by around 80% of the amount you spend. In other words, if you spend $20,000 remodeling your kitchen, your house may be worth $16,000 more than it was prior to the remodeling project. Any types of remodeling can make your home value increase, and this is one of the reasons to remodel before you list it.

If you follow this principle, you will be able to list your home for a price that reflects its value after the remodeling projects were completed. If you list your home first, your price will not include these projects, and it is much harder to increase the price on a home after it is listed.

People will research your home before they view it

Secondly, you should understand the steps most people take before they schedule viewings on homes. If you list your home and then remodel it, all the pictures taken of your home that are used for advertising will show your home before the remodeling. These images will get trapped in people's minds as they are searching online for homes to view. If you remodel and post new pictures, you may lose some of the viewers you could have had if you had remodeled first.

People will look up homes online before they view them in person, and pictures of your home before it was remodeled will not look nearly as attractive.

If your home needs work, you will be better off getting the work done now before you list it. This may result in having more showings on your house, and the offer you eventually get will probably be higher. If you have questions about the work you should do to your home, talk to a real estate agent.