How To Get Over Buyer’s Remorse

If you're looking for a house to buy, you are eventually going to have to face that scourge of large purchases known as buyer's remorse. It seems like everyone goes through it no matter how well-researched the home purchase is. This means that you need to have a plan in place to prevent buyer's remorse from interfering with your life once you've completed the purchase.

Realize Everyone Goes Through It

As mentioned, everyone seems to go through buyer's remorse at some point in their lives, be it a car purchase, home purchase, move, new job, or another change in circumstances. Knowing that this is a normal part of the change process can help you step back and consider whether your regrets and complaints are really your own, or if your mind is just looking for an outlet for the fear of change that you just forced on it. Sometimes when you call it what it really is, you find it slinks away and leaves you in peace.

What's the Worst That Could Happen, Realistically?

So you're regretting your home purchase. What's the worst that could realistically happen due to your supposedly reckless purchase? Don't create a Rube-Goldbergesque cascade of catastrophes in your head; really think about what could happen. Your kitchen looks a little darker than you realized? OK, so, you get brighter LED bulbs. The soil doesn't appear to drain that well? OK, amend it or get different plants that will do well in the soil. You fear losing your job? OK, well, that could happen even if you rent instead of buy. Go through all the fears that your mind is throwing at you, and show yourself that there really isn't anything to fear.

Tackle the Doubts Directly

Related to this is the tactic of addressing all of the supposed problems directly. If your garden isn't optimal, start making it optimal. If your new commute is more traffic-filled than you'd like, start investigating telecommuting, alternate hours, or even joining a gym near your workplace so that you drive home after the main rush. Your kitchen storage is odd? Start looking at ways to renovate it, or go out and buy a freestanding storage cabinet that meets your needs.

Keep your mind busy with finding solutions, and you'll find it doesn't have the space for doubts. Ask your real estate agent about additional ways to beat buyer's remorse, too.