Building A Home? Don’t Overlook The Small Stuff

When you opt to build your own home rather than buy an existing structure, you have so many decisions to make. It's easy to get so wrapped up in the big, exciting decisions, like what color granite you want for the counters and where you want the backyard pool, that you forget to consider the little details. In many respects, the details are what make a home flow. So, as you're working your way through the building process, pay attention to these often-forgotten details.

Light switch and outlet locations.

Many people figure they'll build their living room, bedroom, etc. and then worry about the exact furniture layout once the walls are up. But in fact, it's beneficial to consider your ideal furniture placement from the get-go. This way, you can place your light switches and outlets accordingly. For instance, if you decide you want a long couch against one wall in your living room, you can then place the outlets towards the corners on that wall, rather than in the center of it.

Hallway width.

It's common for homeowners to spend plenty of time thinking about the ideal sizes of various rooms, and then just use whatever space is left as a hallway. However, you want to think carefully about the proper width for your hallways and take this into account when working with your architect on the floor plan. Most hallways are about three feet wide; anything narrower than this starts to feel claustrophobic. And if you have any relatives in wheelchairs or you plan on spending your golden years in the home, adding an extra foot of width will make the hallway easier to navigate in the chair.

Technology accommodation in the kitchen.

Today, the kitchen often ends up being more than a place to cook and eat. It's often a space where families gather to watch videos, do homework, and chat. Many homeowners also enjoy watching cooking shows and following along, or even just watching movies while they cook and clean up. All of these activities require technology -- like a tablet or smartphone. Take this into account when building your kitchen. Include a tablet mounting panel, charging ports under the cabinets, and maybe even an outlet inside a cupboard so you can charge your electronics out of sight.

To learn more about the little details that matter most when building a home, have a chat with your home builder team.