Tips To Help You Choose Between Two Houses You Want To Buy

As you start looking at homes for sale, you may come across two that you really like a lot. These homes might stand out from the others and offer the top features you are looking for. If you are stuck between two different houses, here are some tips that will help you determine which one you should buy.

Make a list of pros and cons of each

From what you can remember about each home, you should create a list of pros and cons for each one. This is a great activity that can help you weigh the benefits of each home, as well as the drawbacks the homes may have. As you look at your lists, you might have a better idea as to which home would be the right one for your needs.

Schedule visits on the same day

A second step you can take is to schedule a visit to each of the homes on the same day, preferable one showing right after the other. These showings might be your second time visiting the homes or your third or fourth, but there are probably things you did not notice in the homes during your other visits. Here are some things you should carefully look at during these showings, and these are things you probably did not really examine closely during other visits:

  • The way the cabinets open and close – Check every cabinet door and inspect how it works. Also, look inside the cabinets to see the condition of the wood and interiors.
  • The faucets in the sinks – If you have not yet checked every faucet, you should do that during your visits. This will help you see how well the water pressure is and how well the faucets work.
  • Look at the gutters – Checking the gutters is another good thing to examine, simply to make sure they are in good condition and appear to be working well.
  • Spend time looking at every part of each home – You should also take your time as you walk through each room in the homes you are viewing. Look at every corner and every crevice, and look for things that you did not notice the first time through.

Add to your lists

As you walk through the homes and examine all the fine details, add information to your pros and cons list. When you get home from the showings, thoroughly scrutinize your lists to make your decision. You may find that you now know exactly which one to buy, or you might still have trouble making this decision.

If you need help determining which house to buy, talk to your agent. Your agent can give you advice and tips to help you make the best decision.