Essential Changes for Achieving an Accessible Design in Your Home for Sale

When you prepare your home for sale, you may want to consider improving it in some small and big ways. Whether you have a house that will likely appeal to young families or seniors, you can attract more home buyers when you implement some universal design features in your home before putting it up for sale. You may want to consult your real estate agent before making any major changes to your house you hope to place for sell. If you decide to implement a universal design in your home, here are some essential changes you should consider.

Start with the Entrance

The first thing that a home buyer will see about your home after its curb appeal is the entrance way to your home. If you are going to talk up the benefits of the universal, accessible design for your home, you should start at the entrance to your house.

Having a no-step entrance to your home can be as equally wonderful for families who will need to tote little ones in and out with a stroller ever day as it can be for the elderly who need wheelchair access to the house. You should also install lever-style door knobs, which can make it much easier for people with limited dexterity to get in and out of your house.

Prioritize the Bathroom

A bathroom is one area of a home that can pose major challenges to the elderly and disabled. If you are implementing a universal design in your home makeover, you want to consider updating your bathroom in the following ways.

  • Install grab bars to allow increased accessibility to the bathtub, shower, and toilet.
  • Use lever-style faucets to make it easier for kids and others with a limited dexterity to access the bathroom faucets.
  • Put down tile that is resistant to slips.
  • Install a shower bench for minimal costs, and it can have multiple functions.
  • Be sure that wall-mounted sinks allow room for wheelchairs beneath the sink.

Finally, keep in mind that a universal design can transform how potential home buyers see your home. It can seem more modern and chic as well as better equipped to empower home buyers to be inclusive. A home buyer may love imagining themselves hosting parties where people of all abilities will easily access the house for a good time. Even if you may not see immediate financial rewards, you may find that the universal design home makeover was well worth the effort.

To learn more, contact realtors that have homes for sale.