Do You Really Need That Extra Bedroom?

When hunting for the perfect home, most buyers focus on homes that have one more bedroom than they have people. They figure they'll use this bedroom as a spare bedroom or for storage. But what if you come across a house that is seemingly perfect in other regards, but lacks that extra bedroom? Chances are, it is still a good buy. Here's why.

You probably won't have that many house guests.

Many people go through the time, trouble, and cost of setting up a guest bedroom -- only to use it once or twice a year. Is it really worth giving up a home you really like for this once-a-year convenience? Perhaps your occasional house guests would be perfectly fine staying on the couch, or maybe you could sleep on the couch and lend them your bed while they're in town.

On the other hand, if you're in the minority and are absolutely sure you'll have frequent house guests and that they will only be happy in a guest bedroom -- you might want to hold off and find a home that accommodates that.

Extra storage space is not always a good thing.

Think about how many items you have that you barely use. There are probably many articles of clothing in your closet that you have not worn in years, and yet you hang onto them because you have the space. You probably have fifteen or more coffee mugs even though you only use two at a time. The more space you have for storage, the more stuff you'll accumulate -- and it won't be stuff you actually need or use. Not having that extra bedroom for storage could be a good thing, as it will force you to curtail your spending and keep your possessions in check.

If you truly do need space to store things later on, you can always rent a storage unit. All in all, this will probably cost you a lot less than buying a larger home with an extra bedroom just in case you need it for storage.

The exception to this may be if you have a hobby that requires a lot of a equipment and you need a space to store it. For instance, if you are a seamstress and need a room to set up your sewing machine and store material, then you may want to hold out for a house with an extra bedroom.

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