Expect These Bathroom Features When Shopping The Luxury Home Market

Luxury homes provide you with head-turning beauty and style wherever you look. Whereas the average home's bathroom is all about functionality, the bathrooms in a luxury home for sale will look like it's straight off the pages of a design magazine. If you're looking to buy a luxury home and have scheduled a private showing, heading to the bathroom and surveying the scene may just be what makes you decide that you want to buy the home. Here are some features that you can expect to come across in this high-end type of home.

Custom Bathtub

The bathtubs in luxury homes aren't often what you'd expect to buy at your local home supply store. They're usually highly customized, and instead of being jammed in the corner of the room, a tub may be the bathroom's focal point by being placed in the center. You can expect a variety of tub designs — sometimes, the tub will be in the center of the room with stone steps leading up to it. Other times, the tub will be sunken into the floor so that you step down into it. You'll also often encounter enhanced features such as water jets and underwater lights. Bathtubs in luxury homes are customarily big enough for two people to bathe concurrently.

Open Space

Luxury bathrooms are often known for their open space. Unlike a standard-sized bathroom that can often feel cramped, a luxury bathroom will have no shortage of square footage. Additionally, this space will employ several design features that will make the bathroom feel even larger. Often, you'll find vaulted ceilings in luxury bathrooms. The increased space above your head gives you the feeling of extra space. Other space-friendly features can include lots of light, either from large windows and skylights or from bright halogen or LED bulbs, as well as plenty of mirrors to further increase the feeling of space.

Automated Features

Visiting a bathroom in a luxury home is all about feeling relaxed, so you can expect there to be several automated features to make your life easier. If you want to enjoy some music while you have a bath, you won't have to take a stereo to the room — many luxury bathrooms are wired for sound and connected to the stereo in your home. You may also be able to close the drapes with the press of a button, as well as dim the lights with a remote control.