Staging Homes For Sale, With Kids

Homes for sale need to grab the buyer's eye and draw them in. That can be a challenge when the seller has kids. Cartoon characters covering the walls, toys all over the floor and finger paint handprints on the furniture can turn a buyer off (yes, even if they have kids of their own). But, that doesn't mean these homes are unsellable – far from it. With some strategic staging and careful cleaning, a kid-filled home can completely invite and entice almost any buyer. How? Check out these tips for turning child central into a chic space.

Furniture Storage

The home has storage galore. There are closets, a garage and plenty of attic space. So why not pack up all the toys and stash them in these places? It's likely that any buyer will want to see the home's storage areas. What they don't want is to have a pile of toy trains fall on them as they open up a closet. Furniture types of storage are easy alternatives that keep the mess under control while looking stylish. Storage ottomans, decorative chests and under-the-bed drawers are all options to try out.

Play Pick and Choose

Kids may not exactly love the idea of hiding all of their stuff away. Instead of causing a major meltdown, play a pick and choose game. Have the kiddos select a few favorite toys that they get to keep out. Strategically place these in spaces where they add decorative value. A cute stuffed teddy bear looks adorable in the middle of bed pillows and a toy train track can be artfully arranged on an end table.

Get Neutral

Those princess pink walls might throw some buyers off. Even though paint is an easy fix, some would-be buyers just can't get past it. They may not be able to imagine how the train mural in the little boy's room can go from cartoonish to plain paint. With that in mind, start fresh and redecorate with neutral paint. If the child protests, use pops of color as accents to keep them happy. Let's say you repaint a hot pink room with ivory. Keep the rosy hues with a pretty pink quilt on the bed or cover part of the floor with a pink area rug.

Clean Consistently

It's not reasonable to ask young children to never make a mess. Messes are part of having a family. Fingerprints end up on the walls and juice gets spilled on the floor. The key here is to clean daily. Make an effort to do an extra special sweep through the entire house before showings and open houses. Even though the idea to clean is obvious, pay even more attention to areas that might slip through the cracks. Yes, a handprint on the wall is clear. But, those smaller prints on door knobs, fixtures and handles might not be as obvious.

Having kids mean that you need to take extra care when showing a piece of property. Homes for sale that fall into the 'family' category don't have to stay stuffed with toys or look like a little kid decorated. From thoughtful storage ideas to keeping things clean, it's entirely possible to sell these homes without making major changes.