Selling Your Small Home? Know How To Make Your Small Rooms Appear Larger

If you are trying to sell your small home, you may find that potential buyers are frequently commenting on its size. While a smaller home may have been great for you, it can be uninviting for others. Here are some tips that can help make smaller rooms feel bigger and welcoming.

Brighten Up The Room

A room that is bright will naturally feel bigger than one that is dark. You'll want to make sure that your small rooms have plenty of light, either by opening windows or placing a lamp in the room. Dark rooms can make people feel like they are in a large closet, so brighten them up whenever possible.

Place Mirrors On The Walls

Mirrors are great at giving the illusion that you have more space. Not only does it add to the lighting in the space by reflecting light around it, but it gives the room some depth. For example, if you have a fireplace, you can place a large mirror over the mantle. While artwork may have been your personal preference, a mirror could make the room more appealing to others.

Create Space With Paint

Want a room to appear taller to others? You can do so by painting the ceiling a different color instead of keeping it white. It draws the attention upward, creating an illusion that your room is tall.

In addition, using bright colors for the walls also gives the appearance of a bigger room. This is because a bright color is more reflective than a dark color, which enhances the lighting in a room.

Remove The Clutter

If your countertops and closets look jam packed with things, it makes others think that you're running out of room because of the size of your home. Whenever possible, remove clutter so that spaces feel spacious and open.

Divide Rooms With Rugs

If you want to create separation in a room, you can do so with a rug. For example, if your living room doubles as the home office with a desk in a corner, adding a rug to the area where the desk is will help give the desk its own space. It creates separation that makes a room feel bigger because it is actually two spaces instead of one.

These are just a few ways to make your rooms appear bigger. For more tips, speak with the real estate agent that is helping sell your home.