5 Important Benefits Of Using Self-Storage

Whether you are in the process of a permanent move, cleaning out your attic, or taking an extended overseas vacation, there are several advantages to be had by using self-storage. Sometimes packing and transporting all of your belongings at once is not feasible, especially for homes with multiple stories, and you would benefit from using self-storage until you are ready to make a second trip. Here are five of the most important advantages of using self-storage.

Several Different Unit Sizes to Suit Your Needs

One of the most important features of the self-storage business model is that you do not have to rent more storage space than you actually need. This is important because choosing the right storage size saves money for both you and the storage supplier. Small five-by-ten or ten-by-ten units are extremely affordable, and will likely be the perfect size if you are storing belongings from a one or two bedroom apartment

Round-the-Clock Access

Every self-storage provider will provide unlimited access to your belongings during normal office hours. However, you may occasionally need to access your belongings during off-hours. This can often happen if you are storing items in your unit that you are trying to sell, or if you accidentally store an important document.

If you would like to have round-the-clock access to your belongings, be sure to rent from a supplier that has 24/7 gated access to your storage unit. This will ensure that you can retrieve something from storage or store another item at any time, while also keeping your belongings safe from anyone who does not have the electronic access code.

Extra Security and Surveillance

Gated access is a basic security essential for any self-storage supplier. This feature makes it impossible for someone to steal from your unit by simply cutting off a padlock. However, many modern self-storage suppliers provide additional services to keep your belongings secure.

Few things will deter potential burglars like security monitoring. Many self-storage suppliers provide 24-hour surveillance of the units that can help to identify any person that attempts to break into your unit. When you first rent your self-storage units, you should also ask if the units are individually alarmed. This is a useful feature that helps to pin down the exact location of a criminal after an attempted burglary.

Moving Supplies are Provided for Your Convenience

One of the most difficult aspects of relocating your belongings is finding all of the boxes, bags, and tape that you need. Before you postpone your move because you won't be able to get everything packed in time, check with local self-storage suppliers to find out if they provide moving supplies. Most storage companies are happy to provide supplies to assist you with your move so that you are more likely to use their storage service, and you will not have to worry about returning these supplies after you unpack your belongings.

Vehicle Storage

Sometimes additional features are required for families with multiple vehicles. For smaller cars and motorcycles, you can take advantage of indoor drive-in storage to safely store your vehicle. Larger vehicles such as RVs or boats are typically stored outside under covers that protect them from adverse weather. Remember that most self-storage suppliers will require that vehicles must be in running condition or on a trailer before they can be stored.

By taking advantage of these benefits that self-storage provides, you will never have to pack all of your belongings with you or postpone the trip. Click here and use the services of a local self-storage supplier to get your trip underway and avoid having to worry about the security of your belongings while you are away from home.